Our contribution to community development shall begin with supporting quality improvement in education & training content and delivery, shaping appropriate mindsets and starting early to (in addition to hard skills) build life skills for young adults towards bridging the gap between what the ideal society and competitive global work place is looking for (right knowledge-skills-attitude mix) and what most young people posses (good to excellent school leaving credentials, poor skill preparedness and inappropriate attitude).


To do this, we shall undertake initiatives that in addition to hard skills, get young generations develop attitudes, beliefs & impactful careers in a positive manner; with the aim to become well-spoken, engaged, task efficient, confident, more effective, more recognized (beyond just credentials) and globally more competitive collaborators & leaders as they transition to adulthood and the work world. These initiatives would include among others the following.


  1. i) Quality improvement in education/training content & delivery: We shall work with government and relevant stakeholders to support quality improvement in education & training content and delivery. Among other things, we would do this by fostering value adding partnerships for stakeholders, as well as promoting compliance with quality standards.

ii) Life skills education, counseling & mentoring: Preventive education & counseling against common risk taking behavior (minor to high crimes and misdemeanors including substance abuse, sexual risk taking, thievery, etc) that can lead to highly morbid and even fatal outcomes. Provide Basic Life Skills training & mentoring – per UNICEF developed BLS curriculum.


iii) Guidance with contemporary career choices & planning from adolescence – this includes fostering STEM education:


We shall help youths identify Interest & talent through assessment and evaluation: Situational assessment & counseling will focus on helping individuals identify and better articulate their unique interests, personality, values, beliefs, preferences and talent to determine how well they may match with a fulfilling career path. This sets precedence to an effective career support plan and execution.


We shall provide access to vital information that supports contemporary career and learning choices i.e the necessary breakthrough window of opportunities to discover the tasks, experience, education and training plan for a career of choice (and provide adequate support with implementation) through inspiring events/occupation specific information sessions and seminars on professions & trades and networking opportunities.


Deviin shall contribute to reverse the low interest and participation in careers in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields by investing in young people in ways that improve perceptions and interest in pursuing STEM education and related careers and to increase knowledge of STEM disciplines and their interconnectivity through everyday applications.

We shall connect youths to university scholarships around the world – working with high achieving, low-income students who dare to dream big enough to study abroad; providing advice, encouragement and support with applying for university.


  1. iv) Academic upgrading: Provide bridging program opportunities for adults from a variety of academic backgrounds to gain prerequisite entrance requirements needed for post-secondary study.


  1. v) Technical & vocational training: Develop hard skills through TVET (Technical & vocational education and training) – and especially revive the technical component of it.


  1. vi) Work readiness training, counseling & mentoring:

-Job shadows, Internships (work experience placement), training & counseling on how to Search for and find work.


vii) Learning Resource Centre:

Community learning resource centre that will offer a variety of life/hard skills learning and job search tools and resources to assist youths with their learning and job hunt.